Always The English badgirl and the American badboy (sequel)

Always The English badgirl and the American badboy (sequel)

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Emily By dinosauremily Completed

Hunter and Ember are now 21 and sill together.

when Embers past comes back again, Hunter and Ember have to leave California to talk to some of Embers 'friends' and somehow get away from her past.

will Embers plan work? and will she and Hunter be able to return back to there home back in California and the gang, or will they have to leave California for good and stay hiding away from Embers past?.

if i was you i would read the first book for this one to make sence it will flow better if ya get my drift.

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- - May 21, 2017
I pictured her actual screaming I DO the talking him to the floor
bish_itz_me bish_itz_me Sep 11, 2016
Wow she could have waited till the "you may kiss the bride" part😂😅
NaeForRealzz13 NaeForRealzz13 Nov 25, 2016
Not to ruin the moment but in the first book, wasn't Hunter's last name Luke?
yungsvxy yungsvxy Oct 05, 2015
He has a lip piercing what the flOP Bye I NEed. a LIp piERCinG UGh Njajakab
Kit-Kat_12 Kit-Kat_12 Aug 28, 2015
I read it as Emma Parker . I freaked because my friend ix called Emma Parker.  but then I realised it was ember
maddelinne maddelinne Apr 21, 2015
I thought I was the only one who relembered hunter luke!! Thx god i'm not going crazy!