last romeo|k.m.s. | ON EDIT

last romeo|k.m.s. | ON EDIT

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『노츄🐰』 By lady_arisa Completed


He is a Certified player among women. She is a well-known favourable President. 

A two different pole and character converged together. It's funny when the Author of Love decided to play tricks on these both couple out of the billion people in this world.

She was a challenge to him.
He was a nuisance for her. 

Kim Myungsoo decided to stuck his nose in to Song Ah Ri's perfect ordinary life,and that is when she knew her Last Romeo has finally arrived.

__sarahsky __sarahsky Dec 09, 2016
If i was u...I stand up and walk back home because  my appa will kill me if I date again
Snow_kittenfio Snow_kittenfio Apr 29, 2016
This story is good from start to end. Thanks for being one of those few writers out of a million on wattpad and a thousand on writing kpop related stories, to be a wonderful writer with a good plot and good grammer and all others. I recomend this story to all kpop fans out there.
anle41 anle41 Oct 05, 2015
Kentooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(or grown up version of zelo??)
EXOWolfJongin14 EXOWolfJongin14 Aug 28, 2015
Please... Please just don't... This reminds me of Byunghee now, I miss him so much *sob*
dianaribeiro_99 dianaribeiro_99 May 08, 2015
i don't get it is ah ri the president and myungsoo a student?