The Curse of Espeon and Umbreon (Amourshipping) ||Complete||

The Curse of Espeon and Umbreon (Amourshipping) ||Complete||

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This is a G/T (giant/tiny) story!
Is it really true love?

After everyone left to pursue their dreams, what if everyone came back to Lumiose, to make more memories?  Well, that's what happened.

After the Kalos League, and after everyone parted ways, everyone decided to spend a couple more weeks together to watch Ash compete in a special battle tournament, only for elite trainers.
Spoiler Alert: He lost.
Much like after his Snowbelle City gym battle, he wandered around in the woods, wondering about how he could retaliate.

But what happens when two Pokemon get in his way?  
What happens when the unexpected happens?  
What will happen to Ash and Serena, our brave heroes?

One thing's for sure...
They will have to live with the curse...
The Curse of Espeon and Umbreon.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon!  This is a fan-made story that uses elements from the already copyrighted show, such as the characters. The music in this story was found on YouTube posted by various channels.  I only own the story and the cover (the art that was used to make the cover is not mine).  Thanks.

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First Published: May 23rd, 2018
Completed: March 19th, 2019