Game of Give and Take (Game of War #1)(ON HOLD)

Game of Give and Take (Game of War #1)(ON HOLD)

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It's the twenty-second century. World War III has come and gone, and half the world is drenched in radioactivity. Entire seas dried up, whole countries destroyed, biological warfare wiping out civilizations, more orphans than orphanages could ever care for. And the country at the helm is Afghanistan. 

   The Afghans have taken over most of Asia and parts of Africa. But the Afghan Empire refuses to stop there, setting their sights on the rest of the world, sending people scrambling to evacuate bombing zones and targeted areas. The Afghan Empire is stronger, more supplied, and has better weapons than the rest of the world, at least until the United States has a major breakthrough in biological engineering. They can now alter a person's DNA and create a superior race that is destined to overtake the Empire. But will it be enough, now that the United States is on the verge of bankruptcy and the Empire has declared war on Europe? 

   Duty to his country and duty to his family collide when nineteen-year-old Jaxon Dakota joins the military to fight against Afghanistan and is chosen to be genetically enhanced. Jaxon would be happy to take part in the procedure, but there's a catch: there's only a fifty-fifty chance it will work without killing him, and he must sever all ties with his family. No letters, no phone calls, nothing. But being genetically enhanced pays a fair amount, much more than what he used to make, and his family needs money, now more than ever. Is he willing to take the risk to provide for his family?

Game of Give & Take

Cover by @ellanigh

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