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alex By Ievicorpus Updated Jul 22

A lover. A gunshot. A death. A second chance.

A woman who once thought she had lost everything at the hands of her former lover was given a second chance in life. The catch is, she now lives in a different dimension, a different universe.

Now known as Lilac Rosal, she swore to live her second life without any regrets.

And she won't allow anyone to stand in her way.

  • business
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • originalstory
  • otome
  • rebirth
  • reincarnation
  • royalty
  • transmigration
  • villain
  • villainess
hiddenight hiddenight Jun 11
Dam! Those are h*ll of artworks😍😍😍
                              I felt like I’m playing a war game with that map
Amytimeu Amytimeu Jun 16
Seriously it sounds so good just like food!✌ jk, it's really interesting💫
Holy moly, those first four lines are gold! Definitely pulled me in and wanted to read more. 
                              After struggling with my own Fantasy  book description, I really admire how well you wrote yours! Excited to read the next part.
Ennaira99 Ennaira99 Jun 09
Love the pictures! They are so beautiful!!! Are they the same character drawings? Even if not you make them all related and the background with flowers make it so symbolic!!! 😆😍
These are so beautiful but I have no idea who anyone but Lilac is so I'm excited to find out