Under The Moonlight

Under The Moonlight

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Karl Louise Peconada By KarlLouise4618 Updated Aug 30, 2018

"Momma? Papa?" Serianne asks facing towards the moving bush. Tears began to appear on her little face and her vision blurs.

"You can come out now." She says to what appears to be nothing. Then she heard howling.

The bush was moving as the leaves of the nearby tree brushed her skin. She was already limp as she tried to run away as far as she could go. She could hear a river nearby. She then confirms to herself that she was lost.

She sat on the big rock, her tears rushing out. She was only 6 years old. She couldn't give up now. But her body was already bruised and scratches appeared everywhere. Maybe this was just a dream. Nothing but a nightmare. She pinched herself to confirm. No. This is real. 

The rustling sound appeared again. Serianne lifted her head up, to find a wolf.

"Puppy? I'm gonna name you, Wozzi!!!" She exclaimed as the wolf licked her face. After what seemed to be hours, she passed out.


Serianne woke up. It was just a dream. She reviewed the place she's in. She were surrounded by white walls and a window. Then suddenly, the door opened.

"Serianne!" Her mother, Jenny, ran towards her and pulled her into a hug. Tears immediately flowed out of Serianne's eyes. 

"Momma!" She said between sniffs. Her body was still numb but right now she only cared about her parents.

"Oh baby, I promise you won't get lost ever again." Her mother said and in the corner in her eye she saw her father smiling. 

She was back to her family. Unexplainable feelings erupted in her heart. She was happy that she was back, sad that she didn't get to keep the dog, and terrified of her experience in the forest. But, whatever will happen, at least she was home. Little did she know, her future will be more complicated than her past.

Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek!!!

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