The Brandywine Prophet

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Jake Vander Ark By JakeVanderArk Completed
Suburban life has turned William Carmel from a drug-fueled creative prodigy to a gentle husband and father. When the voice of God commands him to construct a million-dollar amphitheater on the hill behind his home, the budding prophet obeys and unleashes his dormant madness and savage narcissism on his family and town. From the tragic prologue to the breathtaking climax, the themes of family, faith, and obsession provide an epic backdrop for this fast-paced character study.
Really well written that is both sad and hooks the reader in.  Well done.  Voted for it.
                                    Should've seen my first novel. Was a terminator clone! Written when I was fifteen. =)
                                    hahaha! You're good, and ill definitely read on probably. :P I like your style, it's easy to understand, and it flows nicely. You clearly put a lot of effort into this.
I've got question after question... First and foremost, did she know? So tragic.
@JakeVanderArk It's fine that you've been missing my IM's. I know what you mean; I'm busy a lot too with school, homework, karate, and Drivers' Ed.
                                    I'll definitely tell you my opinion at the end!
This book is awesome! It was like a big, black hole that just sucked me in, and made me want to read more!
@JakeVanderArk @RileyTegan I literally just saw this. Thanks guys! ^_^ Oh and I'm glad you finally tried some of his work, Riley. Haha.