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Bel Watson By BelWatson Updated Jun 20, 2015

What if you had a chance to go back? A second chance to do all the things you wanted to do but you were too afraid to try, a new opportunity to live your life how you want to or to mend all those mistakes.

You could have friends.

Spend time with your family.

Go to Jane’s party!

Learn to drive a motorbike.

Maybe even fall in love.

What if you could have a chance to do all those things you never did? I’m sure that if you die and see your life flashing before your eyes and all what you see is nothing but a dull life, you would also want to go back and change everything.

I’m lucky because the day I had to die was also the day I got a second chance and this time I plan on doing everything I want and having no regrets. You never know when your day last will be so better live now instead of waiting for a better opportunity. Why saving yourself for the future if the future may never come?

This is the story of how I got a chance to rewind and mend my life.

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blonde_butterfly blonde_butterfly Jan 17, 2016
im trying to improve my english skills and ur books are rlly helping me out. well i just wanted to ty.. and.. happy new year (?) oh nvm. byeee ^^
breeonuhh breeonuhh Jul 13, 2015
I'm sorry i had to think of "life is strange" an interactive video game ....XD when i saw the title
- - Mar 26, 2015
This book speaks to me in a way no other book does and your writing is one of the only reasons why I am still using wattpad. You should seriously be published, you have more than  enough talent for that.
_obscurefacade _obscurefacade Feb 28, 2015
I finished every single chapter of this book, and now that I'm going back to read this description, I realized that I misinterpreted this. Great job on this book, Bel.
GigiChopmaria GigiChopmaria Feb 17, 2015
why dont you put one direction members' name on this story, but in Brave Bold Belle you do?