Scp Resurrection: Zero [In editing /being rewritten/Work In progress.]

Scp Resurrection: Zero [In editing /being rewritten/Work In progress.]

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Sec The Acronym By SEC_the_acronym Updated Jul 02, 2018

The Bloom caused the uniting of all impossible and possible, infinite and finite realities. As a result, the emergence of a guiding figurehead co-coordinates the ranks of Alpha 9. Yes, the new possibilities of this new world are boundless, but not always in a positive light. There are negative and Positive repercussions in store as well. Can our task force organize themselves to act accordingly to each one?

(Still updating as I learn to write So please mind the errors.)

(Also want to thank the senior staff on the site for their advice. (Also this is not canon but I do recommend the canon Or else none/some of this will not make any sense. (As if it didn't already XD.)))

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