|| ° ▪◼ S   I   L   E   N   T  ◼▪ ° || [(MALE DDLC x READER)] + Crossovers

|| ° ▪◼ S I L E N T ◼▪ ° || [(MALE DDLC x READER)] + Crossovers

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<Karma♤Kimura> By Lil_FF_Writer Updated Aug 16

|| ° ▪◼ S   I   L   E   N   T  ◼▪ ° ||

                                           [(MALE DDLC x READER)]

                                                  by: -Karma_San-
             (🚫This story will not or may follow the original DDLC storyline🚫)

                         [⚠WARNING: May also contain colorful languages⚠]


(Y/n) (L/n), known as the "S I L E N T" girl in her school but not literally...

She only talk small sentences and phrases, she mostly just likes to stare

And be emotionless to other people, shes like this because of her disorder...

After her school year ended (Y/n) was searching

for a new school to enroll since she became dissatisfied with her old school, 

luckliy her childhood friend Yuki invited her to go schooling to his school.

Which the (H/c) girl agreed to do so...It was a new school year again

(Y/n) wishes that this school will be different than in her old school

After awhile (Y/n) got interested into Yuki's club because of his stories about it

So she decided to join. She met his club members which are all guys

to her surprise they were all nice, kind and welcoming.

Many days have passed (Y/n) has grown more attached to the boys

will they succeed to bring her out of her S I L E N T self?

               And teach her how to love?