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My name is Keel. I was born in the year 9.315 of the Nelfarian calendar. Who I was and what I did changed the history of my world. However, what has been told about me is less than the truth. After centuries, the truth, the facts, they seem to be of little import. What is left is legend and fragments frequently focusing on the worst of it.

My name for many centuries was associated with acts of madness, cruelty and tragedy. An uncommon name I had. Being the son of sailors, I was given a named related to boats. Many ignore the fact that most words related to sailing came from human languages. My ancestors, the high elves, are blessed with no tradition of sailing, not in oceans, not even in Rivers. I didn't share my ancestors' luck and was born in an accursed land, but at least it was touched by the compassion of the great Goddess Ectarlissè. I was born under her moon, Gallzareth, and received a name related to the part of a sea vessel that provides equilibrium. My story goes f...

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Kuagar Kuagar Apr 26, 2016
Really cool set-up for the story. It's awesome. Funny thing I usually imagine demons like the Zerg.
jake5109 jake5109 Jul 20, 2015
This style of dialogue is unfavorable. The normal "quotes" would make it so much easier to understand