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The two kingdoms Ōrumaito and Doryoku have been locked in frenzied war for countless of years; a bitter dispute for the petty gain of land. The Queen's of these two kingdoms eventually settled upon an agreement: A Yearly Archery Competition. It was originally planned that whoever won would gain claimence on the surrounding area but both kingdoms were satisfied with the tension that was release by the end of it, so a truce was called: both kingdoms would live in harmony and would settle disputes over the competition.

The Prince's of these two kingdoms are finally of age to compete but no one considered what would happen if such two people would turn out to be soulmates.

In this world, injuries can be shared. Quirks can be compliments. Animals can be guidance. These three components make up the tradition of Soulmates; three core elements to guide those who have been separated from their true other half.


Izuku Midoriya of Kingdom Ōrumaito spends countless hours curled up with his journals, petting Kitsaka, the red and white fox who gently nudges Izuku to bed when it becomes too late.

Shoto Todoroki of Kingdom Doryoku wistfully gazes at the stars in his boredom, rubbing the fuzzy green ears of Usadori between his fingers. The rabbit twitches his ears at the touch and nuzzles affectionately.

When these two princes discover their fate through a scratch from an arrow and a drop of blood, how will the kingdoms react? Will another war breach or - even worse - will their guardians get along? After all... Foxes hunt rabbits...