A forgotten god. ( a high school dxd story.)

A forgotten god. ( a high school dxd story.)

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Velvadam By Velvadam Updated May 17

In a universe filled with all forms of mythical creatures from all forms of mythology one stood tall. In the beginning. The ancient pagan gods of old. More specific the wolf pack of work ( I made this up btw) they stood over all other gods but didn't rule them. Only protected the humans form the harm of the other waring gods. 

On day the. Long ago a pact was made between the Christian one true god. Satan and the Norse gods to take down the wolf pack. The war took centuries to end. The winners where the alliance of the other gods and in their celebrations the forgot about the children. So to ensure no more wolves would rise the group slaughtered the defenceless children. 

Only 2 wolves escaped. Holo the wise wolf. god of wisdom and good harvest and Y/n wolf. God of pride and wind but since that day he adopted a new title. God of judgment. But you may know him by the name of the big bad wolf. 

Y/n swore he would protect Holo with his life. So what would happen when their is a attempted assassinations on Holo from a fallen angle clan in japan. When Y/n meets the gods that killed his father and family. How will he react. Who will he kill.