Deadpool X M!Reader Series

Deadpool X M!Reader Series

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Rat By _Strain_ Updated Feb 24, 2016

(y/n) = Your name
(f/c) = Favorite color
(e/c) = Eye color
(h/c) = Hair color
You = 17 Years old

It was finally nighttime, ah silence.

Thank god.

Your wonderful family was insane and just had to be on the move every single day, whether it was formal events, or special 'family planned vacations (that no one told you about). It was exhausting. 
You ran and literally jumped into your plushy bed face first. You groaned and hugged your (f/c) blanket tight against your chest, breathing in the fresh scent of lilacs. Your (e/c) orbs fluttered shut, mind ready to fall into a sweet and calm slumber.

That's when you heard it, your painfully annoying little sibling screaming at the top of her lungs.

"I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BEDDD!" Caitlyn screamed outside of your room. The little blonde hated to go to sleep, she was never really a fan of relaxing, the little twit was always energetic.

The complete opposite of you, and sometimes you wondered if she was even related to you..

"Oh my go...

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HellaKilla HellaKilla Jul 21
Well Butt Cheeks mgee, I'm Mark Waters, Augustus is my brother and his girlfriend is Kara Martins
HimekoKun HimekoKun Aug 18, 2016
It's been broken just like this sad sad toaster made of glass
Animelover660 Animelover660 May 16, 2016
Omg I read all if it and I seriously need to read more just.... Gahhhh Wade whyyyy?? I love this too much you are amaziiiiing 😄😄
fandom_of_feels fandom_of_feels Apr 17, 2016
I think Deadpool and Zacharie from the video game OFF would get along...they can break the forth wall every time they speak.
- - Jun 02, 2016
Am I the only person who imagined deadpool wearing kitty ears? 
kissofhorror kissofhorror May 31, 2016