Tainted [Demon!Dean]

Tainted [Demon!Dean]

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prim/sammy/miss barnes By arrow_to_the_heart Completed

"You must be new to this whole gig."

"Yeah, you could say that."

"You just passing through?"


"You're definitely not the normal demon."

"Oh, and what do normal demons do?"

"I'll show you."


All Selina has known is Hell. The pain, the torture, the helpless feeling of never getting out. It comes as a shock to the demon when she is pulled from her cell at the request of the King himself.

Just what does the King of Hell want with the Hell resident?

He needs a spy. Someone to keep an eye on a certain hunter-turned-demon. And Selina is just the demon for the job.

[ cover by @fob_petetrick ]

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