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Badamount, is a small town but filled with arts and creativity, The ideal setting for sin. 

"Oh my frikkin' god!" 

(She's wrong i'm the devil)...

A girl screamed when he got down from his red porsche, they say this town is Badamount and the lord dropped all the beautiful girls in here. He's here to bring them to him.

Little did he know that something bigger than his mission was laying ahead. 

Jollie Kent.

She didn't fall for him like the others, he finds her so incredibly attractive. There was something utterly compelling about the love/hate dynamic that he'd never been able to resist. She's wrought by a divine hand and like the lord saw him coming and put her there to torture him by deific forces. He pride himself on being a master of temptation, but somehow, with her, his finesse abandons him. Nothing of harm comes to his mind, only animalistic instinct. He forgets himself when he's around her. 

He doesn't understand who she is. She is the only thing that baffles him. He claims to know everything but when it comes to her. He knows nothing. 

He wants to devour her, to sink into her, to make himself a part of her and never let her go. She looks unquestionably beautiful, but he has seen scores of beautiful ladies, there is something very different about her. For an instant, He longs for the fragile mortality, in the depths of her eyes, He saw a life throbbing with hope. In her presence he feels a strange feeling he had not known for centuries. Something that was almost like peace.

The devil almost gave up his kingdom for Jollie Kent. She made him contemplate being Human for the first time, because she is not like these mortals who gave in to temptation so easily, so predictably. 
She has spirit. 

She is that which the prophecy says, '
"The devil's other half, the great woman of hell."

Nicholas Jacobs is an astonishing horror+romance novel that keeps the readers on edge.

(The devil is in Badamount)