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chirppeeness By chirppeeness Updated Aug 21, 2018

So... Today 26th of May...2k18...

The devil decided to come to earth in human form...


"Sir Lucifer... Today is the day" Angel Pain said bowing his head.

I stood up from my throne and smiled a little...

"Yes, Angel Pain" I replied. 

"I'm tired of all this... I need more people in my kingdom... Young Ladies precisely... I'm tired that Angel Death only brings the Aged and the ugly ones... Where are the cute ladies on earth?! Why are you not sending them to me?" I raised my eyebrows at Angel Death.

"Sorry my lord Lucifer... Sometimes it's hard to bring them here" Angel Death faced down and pleaded.

I exhaled deeply...

"I see... I'll go to earth myself... I wanna see how hard it is.... But what name shall i bear there on earth... Not Lucifer, Not Satan, Not the devil...'

"Sir Lord Lucifer, Why don't you go as NICHOLAS JACOBS?" Angel Sorrow interfered.

I gave her this pleased look and smiled...



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