Alone ||Carl Grimes

Alone ||Carl Grimes

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" I don't want to be alone anymore."
  What happens when the epidemic breaks out and the undead now roam the earth? 
  When something you'd only read in books and seen in movies becomes a reality? A reality you happen to be forced to live in. 
  What happens when your surviving it alone? 
  Tess was just that. Alone.
  Everything had been taken from her. Her old life nothing more than a faded event.
  Her family nothing more than mere memories placed carefully in the back of her mind.
  On the serrated edge of breaking, her mind and body fragile, she is saved. A boy sporting a sheriff's hat and wielding a gun sparing her life.
  Carl Grimes.
  Joining the unfamiliar group, she blends into the black and white world.
  With the world dying more and more, day by day. 
  When anyone left alive is forced to survive in every waking moment.
  When you are finally forced to start living...
  What will become of the two survivors thrown into the broken world?
  In the end, perhaps, they won't be alone anymore.
  Read on to watch the evolution of Carl and Tess.


  ( I have no ownership over any of The Walking Dead characters, plot lines, or script. I only own my characters)
  Warning: Story contains strong language, violent scenes, and sexual scenes (farther along in the story) read at your risk.
  @MayGarner [April 15th, 2014]

Woah. A fanfic where the girl actually doesn't share the cell with Carl. Wuttttttttttt
We don't use that word. Bad things happen when you use that word.
I would've asked for Cameron Dallas, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler posey, drawing supplies, some mascara xD and some food like bae
Hmmm, just give me some potatoes, video games, a normal life, Shawn Mendes while you're at it, and some stuff to dras
Nekoda13 Nekoda13 Nov 24
If your legs are broken how are you running *tilts head to the side*
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Omigawd i tried so hard to like lizzie but dat hoe was crazy she killed her little sister and almost the baby twice like da hell