The Blackest Nights

The Blackest Nights

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"Oh, my love, I'm so happy! I've been waiting so long- so long, Kate! Now you're here, everything's perfect!" I stared at him, dumbfounded. He knew my name? He'd been waiting for so long- to have me here? My mind spinned. I could only stutter one dry word.


"Why? Why? Because I love you, Katherine Rose Moore. And I always will. And, now- finally! You are mine." 

"L-let me go. Now. My parents will be looking for me."

"That may be so. But they'll never find you, love. Never." 

A girl trapped in a romantic swirl of kidnap, obsession and imprisonment, feeling vulnerable, alone and completely petrified- never knowing her captor's next move.
A man's desperate attempt to capture the heart of the girl he is sure is only meant for him.
The clash of bitterness that comes next means that only one can achieve their goal- to be free, or to be fulfilled.

  • dominance
  • dominant
  • freedom
  • imprisonment
  • infatuation
  • kate
  • kidnap
  • kidnapped
  • kidnapping
  • love
  • marc
  • obsessed
  • obsession
  • obsessive
  • stalked
  • stalker
  • stalking
  • terror
  • unrequited
  • violence
polkaLALA728 polkaLALA728 Jul 02, 2012
Nice. I like your ending particularly. It's rather very gripping. A cliff-hanger, you'd call it, perhaps? Not a very strong one. Though, it's fine. :)