Last Seen in San Diego

Last Seen in San Diego

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Kellin 17 years old, gets kidnapped one day while walking home. Drugged up and thrown in the back of a van, he's not aware of where he’s being taken. He wakes up in a room filled with strangers, strangers that he’s seen somewhere before. Locked in a room with other people his age all victims of the same criminal, one boy sticks out to him. The beautiful tan boy who's face is more familiar than the others. Will they all be able to make it out alive and back to their families? Or is this the end?


This fic is completely different from ALL, Sarah and I talked about it already and we are going in two different directions.

Thanks for reading though c:

_kiss_my_fuentes_ _kiss_my_fuentes_ Aug 29, 2016
Wow the father was murdered now kells is gonna get kidnapped oml that's some deep shït
FaeMonroe FaeMonroe Jan 30
I once wrote about how MCR um.... and the teacher said he liked it and that I used very emotive language 👌🏻
I would too buuuuut my teacher has already gotten pissed that I wrote about sws and ptv
trashcanwithapen trashcanwithapen Oct 25, 2016
I had to do that in English class freshman year. Wrote it about Kells, got me an A.
KrustyLemons KrustyLemons Nov 15, 2016
I remembered her name used to be Simms and my last name is Sims I'm committing
PotatoLovesPumpkin PotatoLovesPumpkin Jan 03, 2016
Hold in. Tortured against his will? Has anyone ever been tortured, like, NOT against his will?