Crimes Of Eregor I ✓

Crimes Of Eregor I ✓

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Valerie Joan By FrostyxBingsuuu Completed

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"That look on your face turns me on, sweetpea." A vicious grin whipped across Irvine's face. "You're as gullible as you were when I met you."

"You vituperative bastard..." Gwen gritted her teeth and tightened her grip on the gun. Kei had never seen Gwen look so angry before, even when she beat up guys in school.

"I've yet to finish our drama from three years ago, darling. And if I were you, I'd drop the gun right now..." 


Growing up in a single family has never been easy for Gwen, and more so when her father is the leader of an infamous, brutal mafia gang. But they're not your average bunch of hoodlum muscle-heads that only fight with fists; the mafia have also upped their game and created a parallel universe hidden away from the outside world with advanced Virtual Reality Technology: a world full of crime. 

Caught between 2 worlds, Gwen has a duo-persona; a high school student by day, and a mafioso by night. What makes things worse is when both of her worlds collide.

Gwen learns that she cannot trust anyone, because they could turn out to be her worst nightmare. But will she be able to trust her newfound allies, overcome her haunting past and put an end to the war?

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