Midnight Friend

Midnight Friend

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"You know, for a wolfie you're so nice, I thought you were going to eat me." I said to the wolfie, I don't know why but I wasn't scared of it.

It didn't say anything, just cuddled up to me more me. It was really soft, so comfy.

"Saffron! sweetheart where are you?!" A voice I heard called my name, it was my momma, she was looking for me... looks like I have to go.

"Sorry wolfie, I have to go.... my momma is looking for me..."

It didn't budge, just cuddled up to me more and nuzzled my neck.

"Please wolfie, my momma will get getting worried.." 

The wolfie just whimpered, but did as he was told.

"Don't worry, I'll come back every midnight I swear..."

Wolfie howled with glee, he was so happy. 
"I'll see ya soon wolfie ba-bye!" I said as I kissed it's nose. It had a big grin with it's big sharp teeth, then it licked my face.

I giggled as I waved to it one last time.


Started: May 22, 2018




Ps: Also pictures seen on the book, aren't mine they belong to very amazing people, credits goes to them!??

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