The Lady of the Underworld ~ H. Hook

The Lady of the Underworld ~ H. Hook

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'some woman fear fire
some woman simply become it'

The VK's had finally gotten their happily ever after. They were no longer being manipulated by their parents to be evil and cause trouble. They didn't even have to see them anymore. At least, Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos didn't (unless you count Maleficent's lizard form). Hadee still had to face her father, Hades, every time she visited the Underworld, her home and her Queendom. 

Most of the time, he kept quiet when he's in her presence, never having any conversation with his daughter at all. Hadee wasn't complaining and accepted her father's silence gracefully. That was, until her father finally spoke. As a master manipulator, Hades managed to plant a certain idea into his daughter's head. An idea that would make Hadee do something she would later regret.

Hadee didn't want to make Mal doubt the idea of belonging in Auradon, she refused when her father told her to do so, but when Mal admits to her that she misses being evil, Hadee convinces herself that maybe her father's idea wasn't that bad. For Mal's sake of course. But what will happen when Mal actually flees to the Isle and Hadee realizes her mistake when she see's Ben's heartbroken expression? Well, Hadee, Ben and the rest of the VK's go after her of course.

Many things will happen on the Isle. Hadee might just slip back into old habits, one of them being her banter with a certain pirate that she loves to annoy. Hadee will need to sort out her priorities and fix her mistakes but will she be able to or will her friends blame her the same way she blames herself?

Sequel to: The Future Lady of the Underworld.

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