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My Sister's Best Friend (Camren)

My Sister's Best Friend (Camren)

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Sacha By WalkinDisaster Completed

Camila: 16 years, straight A's student, best friends with Jennel, Dinah, Keaton and in a relationship with Cece.
Lauren: 17 years, captain of the girls soccer team, younger sister Jennel, best friends with Cece, Normani, Wesley and Drew. 

What happens when and unlikely accident brings the two together. Would Lauren finally believe in love.

hornymila hornymila Feb 17
I'm gonna ship it now but i know it'll end when daddy Lauren shows up
supergirlislife supergirlislife Jul 18, 2016
I do that a lot like you would be talking to me and I would be staring at your u but I wouldn't even be listening because im daydreaming
jauregay_laure jauregay_laure Dec 23, 2016
I'm already cringing because it's not Lauren kissing her ewwww I can't
SwagMasterR21 SwagMasterR21 Nov 05, 2016
My geometry teacher left cuz she is sick and all the subs we had ran away cuz they can't handle the class
Kehlani-Jauregui Kehlani-Jauregui Nov 05, 2016
I'm not gonna leave this fanfic now oh I know it's gon get better
daddyjergiyk daddyjergiyk Nov 13, 2016
Ally B, do you actually have time for being a teacher? I thought being Jesus and all you wouldn't have time on your schedule?