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How To Pi*s Off The Alpha

How To Pi*s Off The Alpha

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literaturenerd603 By literaturenerd603 Completed

It's senior year and everyone is buzzing with excitement. That is, until Maria discovers her mate; An Alpha. While most girls would be swooning over his boyish charms or power, Maria's dislike for everything remotely 'alpha male' persona allows her to see him in a different light. He's a demanding, inconsiderate, jelous prick. Too bad he's effing gorgeous. But just because Maria is too proud to give in to his antics just yet, doesn't mean they won't have the challenge of a lifetime trying to turn each other into the perfect mates. All the while drowning in the sea of sexual tension. But as you probably know, bad things happen when wolves get angry...  it's a bit cliché at first, but it gets better. Try it out and see how you like it :) 

Just so you know; this isn't one of those stories where the heroine is extremely badass/crazy or extremely lovey dovey. Maria is a strong, independent she wolf and she doesn't need a mate to tell her that. 

 warning: may have some sexual content

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Werewolf # 19
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Migsoccer Migsoccer Apr 25
this is the cutest opening chapter i have read so far on wattpad <3
___gy___ ___gy___ May 17
Ahaha best compliment you could get as a 13 year old girl 😂
swade18 swade18 Apr 03
Whenever I hear the word meadow I get flashbacks to Hunger Games when Rue died. Come to think of it now that's kind of really sad. Huh.
_ihatethisband_ _ihatethisband_ Nov 05, 2016
Saw this in the description and made my mind up fairly quick whether I wanted to read it or not ngl