Beautiful Liar

Beautiful Liar

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A young woman named Ellen Fitzgerald
who escaped from the power of a French man who hired her in an entertainment venue. Feeling that it was not the life she wanted, Ellen took the opportunity one night to escape and return home to New York.

In New York, Ellen meets two very different men, Kyle Salazar and Jack Villegas. Kyle Salazar is an ambitious hotel entrepreneur who maintains perfect control of himself and his life, while Jack Villegas is the heiress of a warm and gentle business hotel heiress of America and France.

But they fall in love with Ellen who is a complicated woman full of lies, fueled by her greedy desires from her poor childhood. Left by the mother when Ellen was a child and father who later died, Ellen was adopted by a French couple.

Unfortunately not the love and education she got, but the hard work of taking care of the household as a slave. It will later shape Ellen's character and determination to gain a better life and status. In order to get her wish, Ellen did not hesitate to take any means including lying and cunning.

What is the love story of Ellen beginning with a lie and looking insincere because she only wants social status? How when the two men finally know who the real figure of the woman?