The Lord of Blackshire (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 3)

The Lord of Blackshire (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 3)

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Regina Saint Claire By exlibrisregina Completed

 Edina leaves Sebastian at the altar in Tahiti. After six months of traveling, Sebastian and Hannah return to Blackshire. Hannah decides to start a foundation to help needy children and meets a new (potential) soulmate, while Sebastian's depression shifts into reckless self-indulgence.

As Hannah digs into her great-grandfather John "Black Jack" Nero's sordid history, she discovers a secret chamber inside the walls of Blackshire that yields more terrifying secrets. Meanwhile, Sebastian's recklessness turns dangerous, and Hannah is convinced that her cousin is now possessed by the diabolical spirit of Black Jack Nero who has now returned to take over Blackshire and wreak havoc on the citizens of Dark Hollow.

Cover design: Consuelo Parra
Model: Mjranum-stock.deviantart

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JanMAlexander JanMAlexander Jun 26, 2018
I really like your voice and the way you describe things. Interested to see what happens with Sebastian!
Aurora808 Aurora808 May 20, 2018
Poor Sebastian. Poor Hannah for having to put up with him!
                              Will Edina reappear?
greekgoddess18 greekgoddess18 May 22, 2018
Oh a charity for children I love it!! That town doesn't seem big on helping anyone but the rich and preveldged so she could do a lot to help kids like her and like Edina.
JanMAlexander JanMAlexander Jun 26, 2018
Beautiful storytelling. Great mood, great characters. Adding to my library. 📚
Domini-o Domini-o Oct 06, 2018
.... I feel horrible but I saw this coming. Edina is just a tough nut Sebastian. 😂