His Queen || Jim Moriarty x Reader

His Queen || Jim Moriarty x Reader

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I walked into through the large double doors to the office of the mansion. A focused Jim Moriarty had his gun aiming towards the doors. I gasped, startled. 

"Don't be alarmed, dear. They're all blanks." He maintained eye contact with me while blindly lifting his gun to the ceiling and pulled the trigger. 

Nothing happened. 

"Have a seat." He said.

"So, Mr. Moriarty, what did you need?"

"I need you." I blushed slightly. 

"I need you to be my partner in crime. We'll be UNSTOPPABLE! Now, first things first, I need you to-" 

"Firstly, we're partners. If you're gonna be the King, you're gonna treat me like a Queen. Because, honey, I look great in a crown." I interrupted. 

I grabbed his tie and pulled his face closer to mine. 

"Got it?" He smirked. 

"Ooh, darling, keep this up, and we'll have a great time." I let go of his tie and grabbed his gun. 

I walked over to the window and shot a bird out of the sky. 

"They're not all blanks." I smirked. 

"Close your mouth Jim, you'll cat...