I'm a Fool For You » SuperFlash {1} | √

I'm a Fool For You » SuperFlash {1} | √

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There was a crime scene for a murder so CSI Barry Allen hurries there but of course  being 10 minutes late. At CatCo, Snapper gave one of his reporters a task to go down to the crime scene. When Barry was done getting the evidence he needed to analyze, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to find a blonde, blue-eyed girl with the most beautiful smile. He got a even prettier name from her, Kara Danvers.  They  immediately got close with movie marathons and long conversations via text, she even went to the Particle Accelerator Opening with him & Iris. Then he got struck by lightning. Kara was just as sad as Iris & Joe were. She went to the hospital that night with Iris & Joe, the sight of Barry made her wanting to cry. She decided to become Supergirl for Barry. Then Barry woke up 9 months later with these weird powers. He also started being a hero, The Flash. When he meets Supergirl, she seemed familiar but he couldn't shake it. 

Will Barry ever figure out who Supergirl is and Will Kara ever find out Barry's secret?

Disclaimer: I don't own Supergirl or The Flash. And some of the plot is from the shows. 
(Same earth AU.)

Supergirl - season one