Fiery Passions

Fiery Passions

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aerynsun By aerynsun Updated Dec 27, 2013

Scott O'Brian was suddenly lost.  His body no longer responded to his rationale side of the brain.  His entire being lay still as he watched this girl before him.  Is this even real, this can't be happening, can it?  Scott looked into the most amazing green eyes he had ever seen.  Eyes that reflected all that his heart felt and more; the same eyes that had haunted him in his dreams, along with the sweetest voice calling his name.  Could all this be true?  Could this beautiful creature before him be the one he had been waiting for all this time?

Samanta Monserrate closed her eyes as Scott held her in his arms, helping her to her feet at the beach.  Feelings of peace, and harmony surrounded her, and tingles that made her skin break in goose bumps.  The electricity flowed in her veins but more than that the tingles that once she had shared since she knew Scott had turned into a strong, heated sensation within her.  A sensation she feared in her heart, but had become almost addicted.  She had been hurt so much before, her brain told her to run but her treacherous heart and body needed him like air to breath.  

And the worst part was that she had to probably loose all that she desired in order to protect her family.  Being forced into actions that were completely against her nature, she knew she would loose the one gift the heavens had sent her.  This stranger whose touch made her feel alive was all she had dreamed off.  And in doing so she would end breaking her own spirit, her very soul.  Could she be able to live this life? 

Could she be able to open her heart to this man, knowing she would have to lose him in the end?  Or would she run before getting hurt again?

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44Bernard 44Bernard Jun 01, 2016
Loved Twin Obsessions! 😆Can't wait to read this sequel! 😆
Sweetcheeks100 Sweetcheeks100 Jul 10, 2014
oh I deleted the story and added it back. I can read it now!
Sweetcheeks100 Sweetcheeks100 Jul 09, 2014
I cant see anything except for chapter one...I followed you ans nothing changed :/
NewLeaseOnLife NewLeaseOnLife Nov 27, 2013
The fact that in your first chapter you've not just put up a switchfoot video but you actually incorporated the song into the story - amazeballs!!
aerynsun aerynsun Jul 02, 2013
                              Yes Mark Harmon is a very sexy man, and like fine wine has aged very well.  I love his acting in NCIS been his fan since the series started.
                              Happy you are enjoying the story so far.  I hope get to see more comments on what you have liked so far in the story.
                              Thanks again
ElizabethEmber ElizabethEmber Jun 28, 2013
Henry Cavill... great choice (; I love that man! This story is amazing! Please keep it up!!