Program 13 (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 1)

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Two identities. One body.
    17-year-old Emile Reed, may have died, but she isn't dead. Her body now belongs to Program Thirteen, where her every thought, every movement, is controlled. Until Emile begins to find her way back inside of Thirteen's core, where she manages to fend off Thirteen's programming to reclaim the life that she lost. But Charles McVeigh, the owner of Vesta Corp, isn't willing to let Thirteen go. And he will stop at nothing to reclaim control of Thirteen's programming. Because without her, McVeigh has nothing.
    What makes you human?
    Program 12: Short Story Prequel (Free Short Story)
    Program 13: Book One
    Allegiance: Novelette
    Deprogrammed: Book Two 
    Standby: Short Story
    Rebooted: Book Three
    New Beginnings: Novelette
    You can also purchase the entire series as one eBook (The Emile Reed Chronicles: The Complete Series) for only $5.99 through most eBook retailers.
    Coming in Late 2014:
    Rebirth (The Emile Reed Chronicles, 0.3) -- This is McVeigh's novel. It will be a standalone companion. It is NOT a required read.
    The Program Manual
    The Emile Reed Chronicles: The Untold Stories -- This will be a book of short stories featuring characters from the entire series. Want to know what happened when Emile meet up with the three subjects after DEPROGRAMMED? Each of the three subjects will have a short story in this eBook.
    PROGRAM 13 was quoted on Criminal Minds! The quote was used in season 8, episode 13 (Magnum Opus) and was the exit quote for the episode! :)
Wow really promising start
Wow really promising start
Wow really promising start