Fathoms Below

Fathoms Below

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Erin Casey By erincasey09 Completed

After Cassandra stows away on a doomed ship to escape an abusive husband, she's swept up into a watery adventure.  She's rescued by an ethereal creature from the ocean, a mermaid named Nimue. As Nimue nurses Cassandra back to health, their hearts become entwined. But Cassandra's past and Nimue's secrets threaten to tear the two lovers apart. With the help of a sea witch, Cassandra follows her mermaid fathoms below to discover the truth behind Nimue's guarded heart and the ocean's curse.

Won 3rd place under Unknown Author in the "Blue Rose Awards." 

Written for the Ever After contest @_Once_Upon - https://www.wattpad.com/568905211-ever-after-contests-mermay-writing-contest-open
Word count: 4,996

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This is a really nice description! It's like you can imagine yourself in that same room.
Whale oil is a nice clue that this story is probably set somewhere in the past.
Yep. The ocean is unpredictable like that. This is a great way to get people's attention by starting the story off during a storm.
Oh man. And we all know that water from the ocean won't stop an oil fire. Lol
This is a really good way to end the chapter. Certainly leaves me and others wanting more.
esiaza esiaza Aug 13
This sentence isn't significant enough to warrant its own line break.