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I'm a girl you jerk!

I'm a girl you jerk!

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#||winterTea||# By LunarTigress Updated Feb 29, 2016

Tuesday Lyone lost a bet with her brother but it's just not any bet.
  She has to cross-dress as a guy for a day.Oh it's not really that much cross dressing as
  a guy the worst part is she has to do it on her birthday which is also her first day in school.
  She was too dumb to fall for her brother's trick and now she must face the consequence of 'the bet'.
  She was chased by girls , a new hot guy in her class that seems to be interested in her ,everyone assumed that she was a guy.She thought her day wouldn't get any better until she met 'him'.
  Oh happy was just an understatement  when they met she was beyond ecstatic and the guy just had to open his mouth and ruin everything. One rejection was all it take. Now she planned on vacationing for a while to look for answers, answers for her unending swarm of questions about her rejection.By the time she goes back home maybe everything changed or maybe some thing still remains the same.Will it be too late for her and her mate to be together or will she spend it with another person? 
  "Read and find out ;)"

ByarfKitteh ByarfKitteh Dec 17, 2016
hey at least ur prepared. Ive read lots of stories when the author has someone even say something about a grammatical error, the author GOES NUTS. Like, "woman stahp. aint nobody got time fo' yo' breakdowns" XD
thefailedone0001 thefailedone0001 Jun 29, 2016
Can you please mention in your summery that it is were wolfs
abe-gayle abe-gayle Mar 27, 2016
I really liked the chapter and i think your a great writer. 😊