My Life as a Horse

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kimberlywalker By kimberlywalker Updated 4 years ago
BOOK ONE in series.  I always loved horses, but the last thing I ever expected was to become one myself!  Luckily my friends were there for me, to help me out and recover my true identity.
chil' u do not want a little sister..... i have one and she is a real pest..... i cant even describe it...... imma middle child so i have a lotta trouble
(Btw) this story is amazing I'm writing too but I'm not posting until finished with the chapters which will be a while I'm on chapter 13 and still have 7 more chapters to go
I really do wish I was a horse because I have 24 horses...but anyways, horses take away your breath and they take ur sad memories and turn them into new or happy memories
Did you mean a virtual horse or is that what the game is called???
I love your book it's the best I've ever read! Keep writing!
I read the first line and I was like "Yes, you are a wizard Harr-Cailtlin! And a thumping good one, too!" Lol I work with horses part-time, so I'll see if it's technically accurate as well as well-read ;D