Spider And The Elf

Spider And The Elf

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✿❀ Ri ❀✿ By EXOtic_Devil Updated Mar 21

Fire and water. 

One was evil, the other good. 

One was powerful, the other gentle. 

One was fierce, the other soft. 

They were natural enemies, they were meant to be enemies. They were not meant to be attracted to one another. They were not meant to interact and they certainly were not meant to form a bond; a bond so strong it shook their kingdoms. 

They were supposed to be enemies... right?  

~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~

"How unfortunate, you being incapable of regenerating or healing fast," he whispered, his tone a low and soothing rumble, something I didn't know he could do with such a beastly voice. It tranquillised me and eased the tension in my body, leaving me strangely dazed. 

The hand on my cheek moved in soft strokes, pushing my hair away to reveal my left ear-my ear which had his attention. 

"Otherwise..." The corners of his crimson lips rose slowly, then he dipped his head to my left shoulder and whispered, "I could have chewed on your pointy, pretty ears." 

~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~ ✧ ~


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Kaitlyn_Panda_Hero Kaitlyn_Panda_Hero Jun 26, 2015
Ahhhh I'm re-reading this story for the fourth time. I love it so much.
Casishubby Casishubby Nov 15, 2014
You said non-fictional.... Which means it is real and it has happened. You might want to change that to fiction.
breathofheaven breathofheaven Nov 09, 2014
Wait...Is it literally a spider and an elf? Because I don't think so...? Oh! I get it! Never mind....this story is gonna be good, love! ;) 
                              *rubbs her hands together excitedly*
KundimanTayo KundimanTayo Apr 20, 2014
it will be a great story cuz it's about a bad boy loving a good girl haha!! plus update soon I'm dying to read this!!!
JMvamp JMvamp Apr 20, 2014
I'm curious already and know it will be a great story coming from an outstanding writer. I must admit I'm afraid of spiders but you are worth reading of it. can't wait to read the outcome of this love between two different species...
elleg22 elleg22 Apr 17, 2014
I'm super hyped to read. I love the idea of spiders. Especially with a adorable elf guy (or is it a girl?). So far I've only read two good books with a spider and demon and spider and Valkyrie(?)