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parker By spiderwebbed Completed

Jake Gallagher has always lead a particularly average life outside of the antics of his unconventional family. Average grades, average friends, and the average teenager's aversion to familial embarrassment, until his life takes a turn for the unexpected. Because sitting three rows and catercorner from Jake in his astronomy class is Skylar Glass. The insightful, attractive, interesting, starry-eyed juvenile delinquent, whose existence exceeds average in Jake's opinion. Skylar introduces Jake to the other side of life, gives him a new reason to look at the sky, and leaves a trail of stardust that prevents Jake's existence from ever being average again.

Featured; teen fiction #7 (Feb 29, '16)

NOTES: This story is gay-friendly. Reader discretion is advised.

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as themes of abuse, prostitution, and an allusion to non-consensual acts of sex.

When the first three sentences are better quality writing than your entire book...
_hollic _hollic Apr 17
Probably the fifth time I've read this beauty, and I can't sway the fact that this could possibly be one of the best pieces of work I've ever read. I'm still excited, despite the many times I've read the same words. The elegance is just so astounding aagh
paperchild paperchild Apr 11
This book is brilliant. Your work is literally a work of art, its so beautifully written💗
Wow, one of the best description I've ever read on this site. I really wish I could write like you.
I love this description it like nothing ive ever read before
ZGutierrez ZGutierrez May 05
I think it's perfect..and the thought of it being confusing for most makes it even better. Some just have to have that eye and mind to perceive the writer's thought process ..
                              Your writing is beautiful and poetic