Demons Who Lurk In The Dark

Demons Who Lurk In The Dark

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Loraine By Rose7272 Updated May 14

Deep in the heart of the forest is where demons lurk at night to catch their prey. Elaine's deceased uncle leaves a letter that gets her caught up in a world she doesn't belong to. That no human belongs to. 

Being forced into this world there's no turning back, there's no escape. He's there every step she takes watching her and waiting for her like he has been for twenty years.


"My father basically gave me to you, my uncle asked you to protect his family from harm and in return, he would allow you to have me, and you still expect me to love you? To give up and allow you to have your way? You're wrong. I'm not the ten year old you knew in the past, I'm a human woman that wants a life with a human man" I spat. 

His eyes grew dark and he grabbed me by the shoulders, but not rough it was gentle. I couldn't help the feeling that rushed through my body, it made me feel calm, made me excited. Butterflies erupted my stomach along with tingles every time he touched me.

"You belong to me and only me, I don't want to hear about another man. Nor do I want to see another man touch you. You were given to me, I own you!" he growled inhumanly at me. 

"I don't want you, I will never want you" I lied. 

His hands fell from my shoulders, the look in his eyes had my heart tied in knots. I couldn't put it words how he must feel, but it was written all over his face. He was broken and I just shattered his heart. 

"My promise to-" I cut him off before he could finish. 

"There was no promise, there is no us. You mean nothing to me! You're just a monster! You disgust me!" Without another word, I left him standing there in the hallway. 

He didn't follow me, he just stood there with a wound in his heart. 

"Please forgive me for what I'm about to do"

Published: 10/15/2018

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