Fate/ Uprisings: Dawn Of A New Age

Fate/ Uprisings: Dawn Of A New Age

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Blitz Draconeey By Omega_to_Alpha Updated Oct 22, 2018

Meet Blitz, Blaze, Gliss and Terra, a haphazardly made group of creatures brought together by fate. Tag along as they journey through the 5 kingdoms: the Flame Region, Winter, the Engine Empire, Fairy Hollow and Umbrum; learning about their past, discovering secrets, keeping secrets, shaping their future, forming alliances, making peace and sacrifices, all while trying to stop an inevitable war from destroying the world they live in that may occur just because of some stupid decisions made by their ancestors as well as themselves.

Will they be able to stop their nightmares from coming true, or will they succumb to the horrors of the same nightmare? 

"Destiny likes to play games. Question is, are you ready to play its games too?"

" Remember, be careful what you wish for. Dreams better not become a reality... Nightmares are dreams too."


This is my first go at a full fledged novella, so please excuse the mistakes... I wanted to try my hands at such stories.

I'm sharing some characters with one of my buddies in real life, you'll find mentions of him in the story.

I also took inspiration from Manga, so credit goes to their writers too.

Votes, views and reviews are a writer's fuel, so do consider voting and leaving a comment!!

Constructive criticism is much appreciated!


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arty_enigma arty_enigma May 28, 2018
Tell you what? I immediately connect dragons with Game of Thrones. How are you NOT reading it? You totally should. You may get some pointers for your story as well!
Omega_to_Alpha Omega_to_Alpha Jun 17, 2018
Oh. Whoops. I'll correct it right away! Thanks for pointing that out.
prateek_singh prateek_singh Aug 05, 2018
Joke or whatever but don't take us lightly😈haven't you see shaktiman! Don't you dare to . . .
prateek_singh prateek_singh Aug 05, 2018
Fire dragon is rare? Then there should ice dragon and other dragons? Am I right?