Save me! Jack Johnson

Save me! Jack Johnson

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#3 Highest Placing

This is my life of losing both my family and going to an adoption centre and getting a new family who supports what I do. You wanna know my name it's Danielle a famous YouTuber and viner I secretly hide my singing talents not just of embarrassment but also sadness and sorrow know one knows what I've been through, does my school care nope, friends? Don't have any I know it's WIERD  I'm a Tom boy but my girl side comes out when I get emotional. And somewhere along the way I run into a boy?!

This was written a few years ago so I am very sorry for all the cringe worthy moments. Also I would like everyone to know that while I was writing this I no longer wanted to continue writing it so I made up a ending and went with it so BASICALLY  I'm sorry for all that stuff and if you get to a part where it says comment if you want to be this persons girlfriend or whatever 


And I have been thinking of editing it to make it less cringe worthy but I just started school and already have a large amount of homework so it may be awhile until then

Thank you for your time and enjoy if you like cringeworthy things

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Karenpapi Karenpapi Jul 15, 2017
Do you got a bae or nahh
                              Is you tryna date or nahh
                              *Taylor puts hand and feet up in the air like the vine*
1Dgrethan 1Dgrethan May 04, 2017
I have like 4-5 mins liddat cuz I don't live that far from my school
_AfraidOfLove _AfraidOfLove Nov 26, 2016
Don't worry I can't tell by the way you spelled "ending" 
                              DON'T GET TRIGGERED IT WAS JOKE
Karkat-Not-Kitty Karkat-Not-Kitty Sep 27, 2016
I live twenty minutes away from my school so I'd get there late every day lmao