Give Me Love! No Rejection!

Give Me Love! No Rejection!

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Aria By LaughNthenKiss Completed

PREVIOUSLY CALLED- My Brother is My Mate And He Rejected Me! 

Adrenaline is pumping through my 
vains making me run faster than I 
thought I could ever run. 
'Keep running. Dont look back.' 
So I ran and kept running. I want so 
badly to turn my head and look at what 
is chasing me down. 
I keep running through the woods faster 
and faster. So fast that the woods 
become a blur to me. 
I feel the fire at the edge of my foot. 
Im growing tired every second now. 

'Dont stop, keep running. If you let them 
catch you,you surely will die.' 
Just when I thought that I couldn't run 
anymore, I pushed myself to keep 
I hear the visicous growling behind me 
and that makes me run all the more 
I know they are closing in on me and 
fast. What am I going to do? I thought. 
Thats when I saw a tree to climb. I jump 
on one of the branches and kept 
climbing further up the tree. 
I found a good branch to rest on. 

What do I do now? I have no idea. I have 
to find a pack. How am I going to get 
away from these visicous mutts? 

Find out how she. Winter Woods, 
find her pack and family. You will 
learn how Winter over come some of 
the most difficult life challenges. 
How she became so powerful.
New better in the process of being rewritten book is out! Called Rejection of Love.

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mommawolff mommawolff Aug 15, 2017
I wouldn't read this book  IF you were writing the other one lol but since you haven't guess it's this one
deliriouslyjoy deliriouslyjoy Jun 11, 2017
Anyone reads because she tells us not to? Cause I'm rebel af
wolves_luver101 wolves_luver101 Oct 19, 2016
I don't care about grammar mistakes because these are what' makes you a better writer I just want to read ya story