Not from Concentrate - Sample

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David Wallace Fleming By DavidWFleming Updated 3 years ago
Satirical stories exploring modern themes of technology and relationships. Internet lawlessness, smartphone love triangles, zombie video gamers, gender role ambivalence and the demise of television - these changes infuse our existence. Borrowing from science fiction, fantasy and magic realism, the collected stories of Not from Concentrate take these contemporary issues head-on!
crazy, zany and by the end of the story Alexander was into the swing of things..Clever  , i think
@DavidWFleming No problem(: You've mastered satire, in my opinion. This is a great collection!
Haha, this was great(: I laughed aloud when Alexander pointed out that the logbook was a pumpkin. Such a crazy little short story.
                                    First Comment:D