Growing up Wired

Growing up Wired

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David Wallace Fleming By DavidWFleming Completed

While on his computer, Victor Hastings admires the provocative pictures of girls he's dating. Meanwhile, these girls are posting more and more on Facebook and all the social sites. Now, all the young men in his cramped fraternity are competing for the attention of these online, amateur pinups. And the institution of the college fraternity itself is beginning to be threatened by this emerging, online phenomenon that, in the fall of 2007, has yet to be identified as "Social Media." 

Three women will make an impact on Victor. Erin Masters is an alluring yet naïve co-ed. Despite outward modesty, she has no reservations about letting friends plaster her provocative images across various social websites. Emily Green-Portsmith comes from wealth and is comparatively more aware of her effect on young men, both on and offline. Technological reliance, however, does not sit well with the house mother of these fraternity boys. She is affectionately known as Ma Red. This feisty, former Vietnam correspondent from the old-school of etiquette and discipline is prepared to make a fight for her traditional values. 

And throughout these technological and romantic discoveries, Victor wonders: 

What kind of love is this?

... the wired kind.

He explores the pharmaceutical, social and sexual habits of the digital age. Pills are popped, rebellions spark - a young man matures against a set of difficulties unknown to generations past. Can Victor find meaning in the close sensations of a woman from the real world?

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kawaii_blaze kawaii_blaze Sep 13, 2015
Yup thats where i sleep, up the butt of that there gassy beagle
toni_jasmine toni_jasmine Aug 21, 2015
the outside world is where one become who he truely is to be
ionlytalktounicorns ionlytalktounicorns May 31, 2015
Only the first chapter and I'm already hooked. Your writing style is phenomenal
allybuckle allybuckle May 09, 2015
This paragraph is seriously one of the best passages I ever read.
allybuckle allybuckle May 09, 2015
Such summers were the ones that broke my heart but hey I was one of the girls.
allybuckle allybuckle May 09, 2015
This is exceptionally well written and already complex enough to make me read on. I have many questions.