The Imperfect's Journal: 2

The Imperfect's Journal: 2

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T. L. Bainter By TLBainter Completed

Memory loss, chronic pain, tremors. These three characteristics of Darren Stratt's illness raise the difficulty of Darren's exodus from the United States, a country that has decided he is "subhuman" and "imperfect", just like anyone else the government finds to be mentally or physically ill (and even illness itself is subject to the government's definition).

Darren has been running for months, now, making his way to Canada, Liverpool, Germany, and now... well, he doesn't know. All he knows is that he isn't where he wants to be: Queensland, Australia, safe and sound in the arms of his beloved Sara McKenzie.

Complicating matters is the mysterious, terrifying Renewer fog that has been spreading across the world, created by strange bombs the United States has deployed. Buildings turn to dust, humans turn to monsters, and the sky turns a sickening purple when the fog is present. No one understands the Renewer; its creator, Damian Crane, is nowhere to be found.

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