Grim Reaper // phan

Grim Reaper // phan

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Book 1 in the Grim Reaper trilogy!

Dan's just like any other person out in the world. Except he's a Reaper, someone who decides whether or not a person should die. He's had this job for as long as he remembers, and is never bothered by what he does. But when he is sent to judge Phil Lester, his life becomes harder and he has to decide between his feelings for the boy and his role in the world.

COVER MADE BY @rickyblitzz

dollykun dollykun Nov 26
dammit he has our files well im goin to hell shît see this is why I don't let people keep records of me
ActualDevil ActualDevil Nov 29
apparently I started to read this but IDC
                              i stayed home from school to watch pinof 8 rite wen it cums out and now I'm reading 👏
                              I had one job- not get distracted
                              I failed
                              in a good way
dollykun dollykun Nov 26
I am naming the seventh one dolly senpai 
                              It's like me except a lot better like everyone else in my life
ActualDevil ActualDevil Nov 29
charged with a millions of cases of murder
                              with everyone waiting for pinof 8
ActualDevil ActualDevil Nov 29
person on overwatch talking to me
                              them: ppsssttt, jade
                              me: wut
                              them: can I hide in your spawn chamber
                              me: only because you called it a spawn chamber bro
                              them: YEAAAHHHH BOIIIIIII
                              me: not my fault I my team kills you tho
ActualDevil ActualDevil Nov 29
                              are you talking about-
                              do you mean- 
                              oh not that?
                              ohkay *wipes tsunami off face*
                              thank goodness