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Life as a Pokemon

Life as a Pokemon

95.9K Reads 5K Votes 34 Part Story
Luke By Superluke14156 Completed

Your average everyday Pokemon Trainer- Zeke Gravinur- is turned into his Pokemon- Fennekin! How will he survive as a Pokemon- And save his human body?

                              NOW WE KNOW FOR SURE THAT SUPERLUKE14156 MADE THIS!!!!!!
I actually forgot to breathe sometimes and then gasp for air.... No joke....
heromudkip297 heromudkip297 Nov 23, 2016
My name would have to be Milly, and my starter would be mudkip! Its level us 5. For cuteness
caciewild caciewild Aug 27, 2016
My name is Cacie and I want a level 94 suicune that I leveled up by my self
Princesscait02 Princesscait02 May 15, 2016
Can I be a female Treeko called Tree? If you want me as a trainer, do you think I could look like May, the third generation trainer with a starter named Tree (who is a Treeko)
nic523 nic523 May 16, 2016
Could I be a male Marshtomp and could my character look like hilbert of pokemon black and white please thnks XD.