The Zodiac Signs - The Missing Sign

The Zodiac Signs - The Missing Sign

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Jordan By JordanLofts Updated Oct 01, 2019

"There are 12 star signs, the zodiac signs. Each sign has its own crystal, traits and creature but did you know each star sign is represented by 12 unique humans. They used to be immortal entities, the zodiacs but now 12 humans represent a zodiac sign. They embody their sign, their signs strengths, weaknesses, desires and attitude towards others and life in general."

"There are always 12 humans that represent each sign until one night, one of the chosen disappeared." 

"You must replace them, Amethyst, you must be our next Sagittarius", said Leo.

"Its Ame and why me, can't you just find the Sagittarius", I asked. 

"We can't find them, we have tried", said Virgo.

"I'll make a deal then, I find your Sagittarius and I don't become the next Sagittarius, if I fail, I'll join, okay", I asked. 

"Deal, you have until the end of the year before the begining of the Sagittarius time, that's 22nd of November to find them or you take their place", said Leo.

"Great, no pressure or anything", I said but they were gone. 

Join Ame as she searches for the lost zodiac sign Sagittarius to avoid joining the Zodiac signs for life.