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Crazy (Shawn Mendes)

Crazy (Shawn Mendes)

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nastyxmendes By nastyxmendes Completed

Nicole is just a normal girl with only 2 best friends. She is in love with magcon (old) but she knows that she is just a fan. Her parents don't even care about her. She doesn't even know who her older brother is! Her parents won't tell her. One day Matthew Espinosa moved next door to Nicole. She started to freak out because she loved magcon (old). She pretended that she never knew magcon (old). Matt and nicole are now besties and Matt introduces her to Shawn Mendes. She starts having feelings for him but she thinks that he doesn't like her like that. Nicole finally meets her older brother..... "Wait Nicole!" I hear someone say so I turned around and see the ______ ______. (I am not telling you who it is in the discription) "how do you know my name? Your famous!!!" I say. "I'm your older brother" I was in shock.

Maybe she can find Shawn mendes and make him take his shirt of to cut them stupid parents with his abs:)))))))
Fetus__Johnson Fetus__Johnson Apr 06, 2016
I'm not just a fan, I'm a soulless bitch with unrealistic expectations
AlwaysMendesFan1 AlwaysMendesFan1 May 17, 2016
Oh my gosh I'm reading this and my brothers name is Isaac😜😜😜😜
dalaljaber1 dalaljaber1 Mar 07
whyd she say her fav was taylor (i have no hate on taylor i love him dont worry) shouldnt shawn be because this is about shawn
AnonymousBenito AnonymousBenito Feb 19, 2016
Um I think Sawn Mendes is the hottest out of all of them 😍 and celebrity crush too 😍
Coco_TawNation Coco_TawNation Jan 07, 2016
My dad asked me how many guys had asked me out and if I had a bf.. It was awkward 'cause I knew he didn't want me to have a bf yet and I had to tell him the truth..