Forever Mine boyxboy

Forever Mine boyxboy

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Cheyenne By jadecatlyst Updated Aug 06

Mpreg  BDSM
Hunter is your stereotypical outcast, he has few friends, and many bullies. His submissive nature is hidden behind a loud sarcastic attitude.   He just longs for someone to want him, unlike his parents who are never home. He has a hard lonely life, and an awful past that's often gets in the way. 

Sebastian Knight is new in town, kinda, his grandfather is alpha of one of the biggest packs in the US, and he practically runs the town. Sebastian is quiet, he rarely voices his thoughts, but when he does its with the confidence and dominance of both an alpha wolf and a trained dominant.

What happens when Sebastian's wolf cries mate the moment he sees the small boy being beaten in the hallways? Will Hunter find the love he craves? How will Hunter react to the control Sebastian has over him?  Will they be strong enough to withstand Hunter's past?

*****New cover made by @magenkop *****

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Well...technically you can always bend/break something straight
Tree_dog51 Tree_dog51 Jun 02
No it would be Friday if he wakes up on a Tuesday. Monday, Sunday , Saturday, Friday
Ok soooo I am reallly clumsy so I come into school a lot with bruises. Well they always ask how I get them and I'll say I fell down the stairs or whatever happened. But I do this so often my school called dcyf on my mom for abusing me. NB.
but... almost four days...and tuesday.. soooo he went to school on a saturday?????
That's what I'm doing right now and every day 😂😂😭😥😂😂
Just like meee. I will never function properly without coffee