And If...  {SAMPLE}

And If... {SAMPLE}

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Tinashe Kachingwe is a beautiful 25 years old and independent woman. A lawyer who has pity for nobody. Like anybody she went through a lot in her life, but she had been the most marked by her relationship with Richard Willkingston, with whom she had a son. Her son RJ, is all her life. She could kill for him. Tinashe is, as she says, allergic to love now. Her heart had been broken one time and she promised to herself to never let this happen again. An important thing to know also is that SHE'S ANNOYED BY RICHARD WILLKINGSTON. 

Richard Willkingston is a 26 years old athlete. A strong character that can get on your last nerves really quickly. In the NLF since 4 years, he succeeds in almost everything he does. Fail, he doesn't use that word too often. Richard doesn't trust a lot of people. For him, a big part of the planet wants to see him fall and also to hurt him. He will never let this happen to him nor his son, RJ. That child is everything for him. He couldn't live without him. A thing to know about that man: Richard is SMART and a GREAT PLAYER.

The ex love birds can't really stand each other after their breakup, but they have to behave for their son's sake. The time they spend together because of their roles as parents is enough, but something happens and now they have to be in the presence of each other a lot more. 

Will Tinashe be able to handle the new situation ? Is Richard going to try something ? Will these two make amends and stop their little "war" ?

Find out in AND IF...

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gaugustin gaugustin Apr 30, 2017
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