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FREAK By Chemical_Clowns Updated Jan 29

A certain blue-haired girl finds work at a strange establishment filled with strange people.

But one in particular seems to catch her interest. 

(Human Baby x Ballora)

Character's real names:
-Baylie Legrand (Ballora)
-Scarlett Hollenbeck (Circus Baby)
-Eddie Hollenbeck (Ennard)
-Blythe Walker (Bonnet)
-Lynn Foxx (Lolbit)
-Grayson Etter (Yenndo)
-Alek Foxx (Funtime Foxy)
-Freddy Foulds (Funtime Freddy)
-Billie Burback (Bidybab)
-Marcy Moore (Minireena)
-Macie Moore (Minireena)
-Ethan Burback (Electrobab)

(Warning: this story will contain explicit language and some okay-ish writing)

(Art used for cover by MarfSenpai on DeviantArt)

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