Property Of Jeff The Killer (Jeff x Reader lemons)

Property Of Jeff The Killer (Jeff x Reader lemons)

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Coco By Youre_My_Sanctuary Updated 5 days ago

Jeff the killer lemons. 

Need I say more?

(My first fanfic so please don't be too hard on me!)

StarOS StarOS Aug 01
I imagined his dick just pop out and fly out from window....... Wtaf
Same dude. But of course before marriage. :) Oh wait... we aren't married. ಠ_ಠ
No, I'm hot. Because it clearly says right up there, 'You body temperature was so high you felt like you were going to melt and you knew that only Jeff could make you feel this way.' :p See? I am hot right now.
*Sets down book.* We're reading books for now on no electricity no bed's no taking off your clothes and no kissing allowed. Just reading. *Death glares at self in the mirror.*
It's like hentai. Thanks for letting me know you don't wear underwear. :)
Janette_123 Janette_123 Jul 16
                              (My friend just wondered why I fake moaned while saying that 😂😂)